Meet Peter & Deb

Florence, Italy

Our Purpose

Over the years, we’ve accrued thousands of travel miles. Whenever we plan a trip, we rely heavily on blog posts and other online resources to help us mould our itinerary. With each trip, we can gauge what worked, the places we loved, and what we could have done better. So with this blog, we plan to pass on our best travel tips and information to help you plan your own amazing trips.

About Us

We were both born in Yorkshire, England, but actually met later in life, in 2011, in Perth, Western Australia, where we had both made our home many years earlier. Partly what drew us together was our mutual love of travel, with a particular affection for France. We shared a dream of buying a little French cottage where we could spend a few months out of the year. Unfortunately, with the drop in the value of the Australian dollar against the Euro, that dream hasn’t yet become a reality, but, as with many dreams, sometimes they need a little reshaping to factor in new ideas and plans.